JPL Books - Grand Rapids, Michigan

"In this fast-paced, digital world where quality and content is often sacrificed for convenience and a quick dollar, we are focused a little differently.  We strive to provide books that are of superior physical caliber and excellent character content.  We firmly believe in the value of the printed book.  We want to share that belief by offering titles from a number of publishers that we partner with who contribute to the same goals of content and quality." 

JPL Books

For inside design and distribution, we depend only on JPL Books. Their meticulous staff puts our manuscripts in perfect order, readying them for the press. They are a Christian company, focused on furthering the message of Jesus Christ through the products they produce.


As well, JPL distributes our material direct, or through Anchor and Ingram.

Color House Graphics - Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Color House Graphics is a book manufacturer dedicated to providing top-notch services to authors and publishers around the nation. We pride ourselves on our advanced technology, customer-focused communications and personalized services. At Color House Graphics, we go above and beyond expectations. Your project is as important to us as it is you—whether you're a first time author or an established publishing company."

Color House Graphics

Color House Graphics provides us printing and production that is unmatched for sharpness and quality. They have the ability to reproduce what we need within a brief time, without sacrificing stellar service.

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