Book 3 in the Caselli Family Series A Blackguard's Redemption

by Ta`Mara Hanscom


ISBN: 9780984451425

Dimensions: 9 x 6

Pub. Date: August 2018

SRP: $16.00

Carton Quantity: 36

Number of pages: 391


ISBN: 9780984451425

Pub. Date: August 2018

SRP: $4.99

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Praise for A Blackguard's Redemption

This is book three in The Caselli Family Series and what a series it is . Unlike anything you’ve ever read. It makes you think and your heart and flesh want one thing to happen and following Christ means a different decision. Family secrets and lies come to light in this book and it is heartbreaking to see the characters suffer because of decisions that were made for them years ago. I cannot get these characters out of my head as I continue to digest what I have read. 


Lelia Reynolds

This book was filled with pathos and definitely brought out numerous theological questions on how far is too far when it comes to lust, love, and then forgiveness!


—Lynn Dove

This book doesn't just make you think, it makes you think GOD. It gives you a wonderfully written story, holds your attention, and leads you to think about God...


—Elle Bee 


As Noah came into the lobby, he saw her heading in the direction of the missions coordinator’s office. He stopped to stand still and just watch her for a moment. He was only a few short steps away from Angel! Her hair was down today, perhaps a little shorter in length than she used to wear it, her soft curls resting upon her slender shoulders. She was wearing a gauzy white summer dress that fit her feminine body perfectly, setting off the beautiful darkness of her soft skin. She walked with the same elegant gait he’d watched her move with eleven years ago. She gracefully strolled toward the door, reached for the knob with one of the delicate, pretty hands he remembered, and found it locked. She turned around and softly frowned with obvious confusion, and that’s when her black eyes found him. They were just a few yards apart, and she stared intently into his eyes. Her mouth dropped open with a soft gasp, her expression beyond surprise.

            Noah took the few steps to close the gap between them. He extended his hand as if in greeting, and she hesitantly did the same, placing her hand into his. As he looked into her eyes, he noticed she still carried with her the same soft fragrance she had back then.

            “Angel? Is it you?”

            Tillie’s mouth hung open as she looked into the eyes of the man who’d crushed her spirit when she was only seventeen years old. His eyes were lined with age and weather now, and his soft, sandy hair had grayed slightly at the temples. His skin was tan, probably from working outside so much, and his chest and his arms were fleshed out with the muscles of his hard labor. Even though his appearance had changed remarkably, the expression in his handsome eyes had not. She would have recognized Noah anywhere.

            “Noah,” she whispered.

            “Hi, Angel,” he said, fighting the urge to take her into his arms and tell her all was forgiven — that he still loved her and everything was going to be just fine now.

            Tillie’s expression went quickly from surprise to intense anger. She yanked her hand from his and took a step backward.

            “What are you doing here?” she whispered with a scowl.


 A Blackguard's Redemption is the third volume of 5 in the family epic series The Caselli Family Series. Eleven years have passed since Noah and Tillie’s “chance” meeting. Giuseppe and Rosa, along with their daughter-in-law, Tara, conspired to keep Noah's identity a secret...but little did they know that Noah himself would reveal their deceptions to an unsuspecting Angel.

As Alex relocates his family to Rapid City, SD, Noah’s heart returns to the desire of a love he’s never forgotten. And while Alex grows in the limelight of politics, Angel’s heart softens to another man.

When tragedy strikes the Martins, Alex abandons his wife and family in their greatest hour of need. Guiseppi watches his planned marriage unravel and confesses his deceit to Noah.

And the Pretender is at last confronted…

The Author

Born and raised in South Dakota, Ta`Mara loves the people of the Dakotas and their rich history. She also has a deep love for Italy and her colorful chronology. Fortunate enough to visit and stay in Italy, she added some of the details of her travels to The Caselli Family Series.

She has three grown children and one grandson. She and her husband have rescued two cats and one Pomeranian.

She teaches AWANA Cubbies and speaks at women’s events. Please visit her website at:

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